Construction Management

ICR offers a full range of services to manage multi-task projects throughout all phases of construction.

Safety Management

ICR Service, Inc. delivers first class safety programs that identify, mitigate, and prevent risk. We offer the following safety management services:

  • Ensure safety compliance to project specifications and all governmental regulations
  • Track and record OSHA recordable
  • Educate and train project personnel on safe work practices
  • Obtain and manage MSDS’s for all materials and chemicals
  • Serve as point of contract for Owner/Client Safety Representatives
  • Perform routine safety audits and report results
  • Manage incident reporting and investigation
  • Create and enforce site specific safety plans
  • Provide and/or maintain safety equipment
  • Lead safety meetings

QA/QC Management

We understands that quality assurance and quality control begins day one on a project and is maintained until the last punch-list item is completed. We conduct specific QA/QC measures such as:

  • QA inspections of all phases of construction
  • QA of materials, work practices, and procedures
  • Initial, Follow-up, Final Inspections
  • Final Acceptance
  • QC Sampling

Construction Inspections


ICR offers a broad range of construction inspection services including Civil, Transmission, Substation, Distribution, Source, and Drone Inspections.

Our inspection services encompass the following:

  • Inspection of all phases of construction
  • Coordination of all inspection requests
  • Review of all construction documents
  • Preparation of compliance reports
  • Review of NCRs
  • Documentation of all construction activities
  • Preparation and tracking of punch list items

Source Inspections

To ensure our clients reduce costly production errors in the supply chain, ICR performs:

  • Inspection and surveillance of vendors and materials
  • Source inspection plans
  • Vendor audits
  • Nonconforming material management

Drone Inspections

The unmanned, remote-piloted aerial inspection system was developed with utility and drone professionals to specifically meet the needs of our clients. Our custom built copters offer an alternative to traditional methods of inspection that mitigate safety hazards and gather accurate real-time, high-definition data with live-stream, infrared, and Waypoint capabilities.